Korea 2016: How to get Korean Visa


Visit the website of Korean Embassy in the Philippines for complete and up-to-date requirements. The usual requirements would include: accomplished visa application form with passport size picture, passport, ITR, bank certificate, bank statement and other supporting documents.

Scenario: I’m an employeeΒ  who wants to travel to Korea with my unemployed mother. I sponsored her, so I produced 2 copies each of all the needed documents (my old ITR, Form 2307, my bank certificate/statements, proofs of relationship i.e my NSO and my mother’s NSO).

I coursed our visa application through Discover Asia Travel and Tours (look for Jonathan Domingo). LBCed the heck of the requirements to their office in Sta. Maria Bulacan and after about two weeks they LBCed back our passports with the visa πŸ™‚ 500php/head visa assistance fee.


I had my old ITR that would cover January to June 2015 (Q1 and Q2), and Form 2307 (Certificate of Tax Withheld) for Q3 and Q4 of 2015. I applied for visa on late February 2016 via travel agency, got my visa first week of March 2016, then traveled March 18-21 2016.


As for bank certificate/statement, I got mine from my bank Metrobank. Again, 2 copies each because I sponsored my mother. I paid around 400 pesos for all those.

How much should your bank account have? Don’t worry I had the same question before. My travel agency said not to worry too much because a mere Php30,000 per head is a good ballpark figure.

Sorry I just throw info here and there. I hope this helps! In summary, here’s the list of documents I LBCed to the travel agency for visa application:

-accomplished visa app form (one for me and mama obviously) withΒ  passport size photo glued on it
-our passports (more than 6mos valid)
-2 original copies of COE (take note of the details the embassy wants to see like the LANDLINE NUMBER of your employer whom they will call and confirm whether you are really connected to them)
-my old ITR (1 original, 1 photocopy for mama)
-2 copies of Form 2307 for Q3 2015
-2 copies of Form 2307 for Q4 2015
-2 copies of Bank Certificate
-2 copies of Bank Statement
-supporting documents:
-NSO of mama (she doesn’t actually have one, so I submitted the photocopies of letter exchanges between NSO Manila and Local Civil Registrar of Samar. At least they have a record, but just not NSO format)
-photocopy of mama and papa’s marriage contract
-my original NSO
-2 printed copies of my Stock Certificate from COL Financial (they emailed it to me)
-my mama’s own bank certificate and bank statement

I thought that was an overkill but better be sure than sorry πŸ™‚


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