The 3rd Decade


Our first decade (0-10) meh, childhood

Our second decade (11-20) school

Our third decade (21-30) work, save money, “business” sounds good, “investment” sounds good, build a career, buy house, buy car, get married, have children, but this is “the best time of your life” so what the heck go travel! but wait let’s also pursue graduate studies, and go workout cuz you’re fat

Thus the term “quarter-life crisis”. Why do all of these have to happen altogether?

“WAIT!! Don’t grow up!! Adulthood – it’s a trap! I repeat! it’s a trap!”-inspiring words from a confused and pressured millenial

Congratulations if you always get your sh*t together. But for most of us it’s hard. (cue in Annie’s “It’s a hard knock life – for us!” song here). Kidding. It’s not particularly hard but there are just TOO MANY THINGS on our plate it messes up with our logic and ability to decide and prioritize, let alone act on them.

Doing good in your life now? Great! But if you’re messed up and resorted to Google for answers and somehow stumbled upon this post, well, foolproof advise: do what makes you happy, but don’t be irresponsible. (And talk to God if you’re a believer. He hears our inner struggles!)


Me, the author

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