Hong Kong 2015: Garden View Hotel


View from room 1012. Actually, you have to stand by the window to see this. From the bed, you’ll just see the wall of adjacent building.

Our first day in Hong Kong was spent on arriving there and getting lost. Supposedly we’re going to stay in Lan Kwai Fung, Central but due to another stressful unexpected circumstance that caused me a literal headache, we booked another hotel. Like, a real hotel we don’t typically choose when traveling.



We booked the first Google search result which is Garden View Hotel in Central. Though it’s in Central, it’s still far from MTR stations that everyday we had to walk about 5 mins down the street to hail a cab going to either Central or Hong Kong station. Oh the stupid choices we make in our lives.


We arrived in Garden View Hotel around 6pm with my head throbbing. We never had lunch that time yet and the problem with me is that too much sun + hunger + fatigue with all the walking with our heavy suitcases = headache. I was really looking forward to eating, and the fastest way was to eat in this hotel’s in-house Chinese restaurant (which do not offer in-room dining, oh you could imagine how pissed I was). Note that there are no restaurants outside this hotel, you have to walk God knows where and how far.


Sorry for the mess. I also wonder why I don’t have a proper photo of our room.


Anyway, the hotel is good with comfy bed and a good view (should be) because duh Php8k/night. Oh the unfortunate choices we make indeed. But then it was a good stay so won’t bother lamenting further. I could have bought a Go Pro with the money instead. Shut up it was a good stay.



So after dropping our bags and having a little rest in the mercifully comfortable bed, we headed to ground floor where the restaurant is. It was busy with customers but we were able to get a table and order right away. The food was good (BBQ pork ribs) but the waiter seemed to be in a haste to shoo us after we finished eating. I really didn’t mind because I immediately felt better after eating.


Jowa walking down the street.


Inside the taxi going to MTR station

After wasting our first day, we decided to totally have a good night’s sleep to have enough energy for the 3 remaining days. The next day, we went to Disneyland. I wrote about it here.




Do I recommend it? For budget travelers no, certainly expensive given there is no free wifi for guests inside the room. For the price you’d expect to at least have wifi, right? Sorry, no wifi in the room, though you can use the free wifi in the lobby as a consolation. Also there are no restaurants or convenience stores outside the hotel. For me this is for people who want to be in the more quiet part of the city center. We only booked this due to stress, but overall we had a good stay. Because duh, Php8k/night.


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