All About My Poor Eyesight


Transition lenses: My specs turn darker when exposed to sunlight.

My eye grade is -2.25 both sides, (-) means nearsighted, which further means I see clearly the things which are NEAR to me. That’s why I can read my books without eyeglasses (or spectacles – specs for short). Sadly, nowadays I need my specs while using the computer.

This is also why many people around me think I’m a snub, because when I’m walking I usually wear my specs as a headband (sometimes I just feel the need to rest my eyes) hence I tend to not see people while walking, so I fail to greet them. Sorry! I’m friendly in real life. Lol

Because of this I’m also very prone to thinking that someone is talking to me, when in fact he/she is talking to someone behind me. I’m very used to such awkward situations now.

When I don’t have my specs everything is blurry. Just now when I remove it, I have to move my head some 30cm from the screen to see what I’m typing.


Transition lenses: My specs turn darker when exposed to sunlight.

When I was younger I thought wearing specs is cool. When I grew up I realized what a burden it is to have poor eyesight. I always thought it started in high school when I was too addicted to Harry Potter. I would stay up late, sometimes reading while lying down on the bed, even when the light is dim. I had my first prescription eyeglasses when I was 15 years old. From -1.75 it went up, now it’s -2.25.

I got used to it. But there are just a few occasions when I would wish I had a 20-20 vision:

1. During swimming, because I can’t see properly underwater and the surroundings. But there are prescriptive goggles now available in the malls.
2. During formal events where I have to wear a gown. I have to wear my contact lenses there.
3. When watching a 3D movie. I have to wear the 3D glasses over my specs. Good thing it’s dark inside the cinema.
4. When riding extreme rides. It’s not everyday it happens, so it’s kind of sad when I rode SG’s GMax Reverse Bungy, USS’ Battlestar Gallactica (Human and Cylon), HK Ocean Park’s The Abyss and The Dragon, among others, without my eyeglasses! More likely the same if I skydive (because yolo). Certainly there are many things we miss because of our poor eyesight, so if you have a perfect vision, be thankful for that!


Contact lens in sandalwood color

Because of this I can’t just buy any sunglasses available out there. It has to have grade, so I came across different kinds of eyeglasses. First is the transition lens kind, where the lenses darken when exposed to sunlight (instant shades); and tinted eyeglasses, where the lens are permanently dark.


Looks like a normal pair of sunnies, but it's a pair of eyeglasses, just tinted

I have thought of having LASIK, too. It’s a laser treatment for the eyes to restore your 20-20 vision. It costs some Php 25k in Shinagawa Aesthetic Center. Maybe later in life I’ll have it, but for now I’m fine with living as a girl with the poor eyesight. Wearing specs for around 10 years now made it to become a part of my identity. People might not recognize me without it! Joke. Clark Kent? 😀

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