Boracay 2016


Happy Philippine Independence Day! At dahil dyan this post is in Taglish. Also, we had no work on June 13 (Monday) so last week I booked our long weekend trip with my officemate and new-found travel buddy Karen. Here’s a breakdown of what happened and some of our crazy experiences!

Friday, June 10 2016 (Goal: to get to Batangas port at 8pm or earlier. Voyage at 9pm)

4pm Early out from office in Ortigas, GrabCar to Gil Puyat Station (Ceres Bus Terminal)
GrabCar, enjoy naman kausap si kuya driver mahilig sa travel, taga-Antique daming kwento. Sa sobrang traffic dumating kami 530pm sa Gil Puyat. Regrets. Sana nagMRT na lang. huhu
530pm Nagawa pa namin pumila sa McDo kasi gutom
6pm Umalis ang bus from Gil Puyat
640pm Nasa Magallanes pa lang kami
743pm Nasa Calamba pa lang kami
8pm Nawalan ng pag-asang umabot sa ferry. Googled “where to sleep in Batangas Port”
850pm Sabi ng mga supportive na kuya sa bus, “andun pa yun!”. Learned may kasama kaming 3 manong sa bus, na sasakay din sa 2go ferry. Natuwa kasi may kasama kaming ma-late
855pm Pagdating ng Batangas Port, amazing race began, pero di alam san pupunta. Buti na lang andun ang 3 manong naming nakita. Mataba mapayat mga manong
9pm Nasa pila pa din ng terminal fee. May 2go guard na pumunta dun at nagpage. Inuna na kaming magbayad. Then amazing race ulit to check-in counter. Ang mga supportive na ate di na tinignan ang requirements, nagtatak lang ng e-ticket then sabi “sige takbo na kayo!”
905pm Before boarding, sabi ng officer “kalma lang ayan pa yung barko oh”. K9 dogs sniffed our baggages. Then boarded the precious precious ferry.
910pm Almost puno ang ferry. Tourist class, my space was unfortunately surrounded by pervert-looking ugly guys. Na-judge ko agad sila. No regrets
915pm Umalis na ang barko so lumipat ako sa ibang kama away from the guys and near my travel buddy
920pm Kinuha ang linen, onting tour, nahilo sa roof deck kasi mainit, nagdinner, natulog. Nag-contemplate bat pantay lang ang price ng kama sa taas at baba, e wala namang partition yung mga kama sa taas. Hindi ligtas from perverts. Dapat mas mura yun.
930pm Sobrang thankful kay Lord, ang pinakamahalaga sa lahat umabot kami sa barko.
*Onboard MV St. Ignatius of Loyola (Batangas-Odiongan-Caticlan 9pm to 730am)*



20160611_073712.jpgExpenses for Friday (Total = Php 2011)
GrabCar, 400 (divided by 2, so Php200 each, regrets immediately)
McDo Cheeseburger Meal, 85 (lol gutom)
Bus Fare, 177
2go Fare (pre-booked), 1469
Terminal Fee (Batangas), 30
Dinner, Linen included in 2go fare (meatballs/rice in styro + 1 ube cake bite)
Water (1Liter), 50 (precious)

Saturday, June 11 2016
630am Woke up after a peaceful sleep despite the aircon set at “north pole cold” and noisy TV
7am Not so gutom pero breakfast, returned linen
730am Disembark ferry in Caticlan Port, must go to Cagban Port (Boracay). Kasama pa din namin ang 3 manong – si kuya jay, mike at ace. Inassist kami (siguro isip isip nila “samahan natin tong mga noob na to kawawa naman”)
8am Pay fees, boat ride to Cagban Port, E-tric to hotel. Parted ways with 3 manong, thankful kami kasi dami nila natulong sa amin, especially to Kuya Ace, sya ang lider na nagsabi ng kwak kwak
9am Hotel check-in, too early and no vacant rooms yet, iwan gamit, palit damit then gala muna
10am Andok’s early lunch (liempo/rice/pepsi, Php98)
11am Mango shake somewhere in station 2 (Php90), Picturan sa Sand Castle na parang first-timer
12nn Check-in (finally), ligo, planned to sleep til 3pm like a boss
315pm Still asleep
330pm Na-shock sa tragic death ni Christina Grimmie. Di mawala sa isip ko hanggang gabi. Just how fragile life is?
4pm Rode special tric to Puka beach (Php150 divided by 2, so Php75 each)
5pm Photoshoot and YOLOing and had the most expensive avocade shake in the world. Each shake costs around 200-250 each, tumawad kami naging Php350 for 2 (so Php175 each). Plus free rental of beach beds with umbrella, purely for kaartehan purposes
6pm Rode special tric back to hotel (Php150 divided by 2)
7pm Bought some toiletries and snacks sa Budget Mart, ligo, pahinga, free wifi
830pm Walked to Station 2 for dinner
9pm Dinner at Hukad (Boracay Uptown) til 12mn (Acoustic, firedance, acoustic ulet)
12mn Walked back to hotel




Expenses for Saturday (Total = Php 2983)
Coffee (3-in-1) in 2go, 40 (with unwanted free bread)
Terminal Fee (Caticlan), 100
Envi/Admission Fee, 75
Boat Ride (to Cagban), 25
E-tric derecho sa hotel, 30 (5 passengers, Php30 each)
La Isla Bonita (pre-booked), 3000 (2nights, divided by 2 pax, 1500 each)
Liempo/rice/pepsi lunch, 98
Mango shake, 90
Sand Castle, 20 each (na parang first-timer)
Fedora Hat, 130
Tric to Puka Beach, 150 (divided by 2, so Php75 each)
Avocado Shake, 350 (divided by 2, so Php175 each, comes with free rental of beach beds with umbrella)
Tric to Hotel, 150 (divided by 2, so Php75 each)
Budget Mart, 50
Dinner at Hukad, 500 each (sinigang na hipon, grilled tuna belly, rice, coffee lol antok na)




Sunday, June 12 2016
9am Woke up, breakfast (Php150 each, rice/egg/ham/hotdog/coffee)
12nn Tric to D’mall (Php60 special (bat nga ba puro special tric namin), so 30 each)
1pm Foot spa (Php650, mahal, but Boracay, so meh, plus tip Php50)
2pm Lunch at Aplaya (Php500 each, seafood pizza and pasta), Picturan sa Sand Castle na parang first-timer, walk back sa hotel
4pm Lakad from hotel (Station 3) to Station 1 habang sinusundan ng rain clouds, Umambon so nagswimming na lang, Lakad to Willy’s Rock, bumili Jonah’s BCP (Banana Choco Peanut Shake), photoshoot lol, swimming
540pm Sunset (woohoo an hour ago mukang uulan magdamag, pero naging clear skies)
6pm Niclaim ang Jonah’s, ininom while walking back, sumakay na lang tric kasi haggard na (Php60 special, so 30 each)
7pm Back to hotel (pabalik-balik ng hotel no, hassle)
830pm Bought dress sa tiangge because basa na lahat ng damit lol, Tric to D’mall (10 each hurray! late bloomer noon lang nag commute na tunay)
9pm Dinner at Bom Bom Bar (Php400 ako, steak + fries + coffee shake, di masarap pero oks chill chill lang til 12mn). Nelson, another officemate, joined us later at 10pm. Good music, chill vibes, clear skies, moonlight and stargazing onti
12mn Tric back to hotel (Php60 special, so 30 each)













Expenses for Sunday (Total = Php 2330)

Breakfast (Hotel), 150
Tric, 30
Foot Spa (Footzeez), 700
Lunch (Aplaya), 500
Sand Castle, 20
Jonah’s Shake, 120
Tric, 30
Dress, 350
Dinner (Bom Bom Bar), 400
Tric, 30

Monday, June 13 2016
6am Hotel check-out, e-tric special trip Php150 (divided by 2 passengers so tig Php75 each)
630am Pay fees, boat ride to Caticlan Port, pay fees again, check-in at 2go counter, wait til boarding
720am *Onboard MV St. Ignatius of Loyola (Caticlan-Odiongan-Batangas 8am to 6pm)*
Boarding time, luckily there were few passengers so we can choose any vacant bed. Immediately chose 2 lower bunk beds at the corner without TV so we can sleep well. Bought noodles (Php40 with unwanted free bread), had breakfast sa lobby. If on our ride from Batangas the caveat were perverts, this time going back the caveat were prisoners. Though they were handcuffed and heavily surrounded by police, and though they were checked inside the cabins, being in the same ship with them didn’t give me a full 100% peace of mind, but I did sleep very well lol.
8am Slept
12nn Woke up because call time for lunch. Had lunch at roof deck (included in the fare. Lumpiang shanghai/rice + butterscotch bite). Good weather, cool see breeze, chill vibes
130pm Slept
4pm Woke up, travel buddy Karen still sleeping so went up on roof deck for snacks alone. Good weather, cool see breeze, beautiful scenery of mountains and sea, chill vibes while I ate VCut lol. I saw dolphins!!
530pm Went back to bed
6pm Disembark ferry in Batangas Port, must go to bus terminal going to Ortigas
620pm Bus ride to Ortigas
830pm Arrived at SM Megamall (Thank You Lord for a safe trip!!!)





Expenses for Monday (Total = Php 1911)
Terminal Fee (Cagban) 100
Boat Ride 25
Fare (pre-booked) 1419 (cheaper by Php50 because no linen)
Terminal Fee (Caticlan) 50
Noodles 55 (with unwanted free bread)
7up in can 50 (with unwanted free Rebisco Choco)
Water (500mL) 45 (with unwanted free Rebisco Choco)
Bus ride 167

Total Expenses = Php 9235


I really felt bad for the free breads and biscuits that ALWAYS come when you buy drinks/noodles sa 2go. It’s like pinagpilitan nila ang sarili nila sa akin. I didn’t want them, but took them for granted. 😀

Surely we could get away without foot spa, fedora hat, dress, sand castle photos and expensive meals. Also we could minimize the commute by not taking special tric trips and by booking less expensive hostels in Station 1 or 2 which is nearer the busy part of Boracay (where we always go). But this trip was biglaan (booked Tuesday, went Friday) so we didn’t bother with the headache of planning. We just booked roundtrip ferry tickets and 2 nights hotel and that’s it. Best laidback trip of my life so far.

Also that was my first ride sa barko. Apart from the caveats I really had an amazing time there. Kudos to 2go Travel! Will definitely consider booking again pag walang time constraints 🙂 Yung trip papunta di ko napansin ang mahabang byahe dahil tulog, same with the return trip but better kasi the cruise itself felt like part of the vacation gawa ng pagtambay ko sa roof deck. Super relaxing, at thankful sa magandang weather 🙂

Long weekend well-spent!


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