Korea 2016: Jade Garden


Another 20 minutes from Nami Island, Jade Garden is yet again a tourist destination popularized by another Koreanovela, which is not familiar to me (sorry). This was the last stop of our 2-day guided tour. As expected, the trees looked sad without the leaves but, I really should stress out how wonderful this place is! In fact, I personally liked this more than Nami Island.







Another scene straight out of a Koreanovela. Just where the heck is my Korean-looking boyfriend when I need him


Just wow


I’m a sucker for little bridges over (troubled) water.

Okay so I have this thing about autumn and little bridge over little stream. When I was a child I would always stare at that calendar we had with this photo of amazing scenery. Jade Garden kind of fulfilled my childhood dream, minus those orange fall leaves. But still. I was really happy while walking around despite my camera running out of juice.


Really fortunate to take this photo just before my camera’s battery died. Remnants of snow in this little spring!

Mama didn’t join me inside Jade Garden because she was tired so I had some solo time. Daniel our tour guide was so kind to take photos of me like this one:


Okay Daniel was not really a good photographer but still grateful πŸ˜€ this was taken using my phone’s camera.




That’s Daniel photobombing Mama

By the way, Daniel is a 56-year old IT professional who does driving/tour guide on the side.




Before our Korea trip, I remember telling our travel agency to ditch Jade Garden in the itinerary and go somewhere else instead. I’m really glad it was not allowed! Til next time, Jade Garden! I would love to see you during autumn.

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