Europe 2016: First Day [30000 feet] High!

Sept 24 2016

It was convenient for me to be in an aisle seat during that 11-hour flight from Bangkok to Stockholm, because I’m the type who likes to walk around. I easily get bored, so when I was awake and not in the mood for movies, I go to the lavatory just Β to observe myself in the mirror, or to the galley where I can request for refreshments. I was awake when everybody was asleep, and though the plane was dark, for some reason I couldn’t sleep properly.


8 hours after leaving Bangkok for Stockholm

-During a long haul flight, plan your “things to bring” in your carry-on baggage. You don’t need a lot of snacks because you’re gonna be well-fed there (but if you get hungry frequently it won’t hurt to bring some – I brought my favorite mini cheese breads and chocolates but wasn’t able to eat them onboard because I was always full). These are what I found useful: extra clothes, sleeping mask, common medicines (because what if you got headache due to lack of sleep, or for sudden allergy attack), hand cream, toothbrush/toothpaste, facial wash and wet wipes. I felt so hygienic and fresh onboard lol.

-Also, this is not the time for your flashy OOTDs because you’ll sleep mostly anyway, so wear your comfortable jeans/leggings and easy-to-remove shoes. I found my neck pillow useful but didn’t use it around my neck. I put it on my lower back (backjoy style) because the small pillow on the plane was not enough. They will provide blanket, so no need for your pashmina.


[Image not mine! Googled “Thai Airways Onboard Meals”] This was similar to our dinner served during MNL to BKK flight. They also offer coffee/tea/wine after every meal.

-If you’re the type who’s easily bored, get an aisle seat. For me it gives me more freedom, though of course there are pros and cons. Cons are, people and carts would be passing beside you during daytime and it can be bothersome, but not much during my flight because it was night time. Also, you are the one to be bothered when your seatmates are going to the restrooms (I’m thankful for my seatmates who didn’t bother me that much). Pros are, at least anytime you feel like going to the restroom, you won’t have an internal battle whether to wake your seatmates up or not. Also, when you feel hungry you can get some refreshments anytime from the galley.

-Try to adjust your body to your destination’s timezone. I was trying really hard to sleep because the flight was sleeping time in Stockholm, but failed miserably. Adjust your watch to your destination’s time.

I was able to watch a movie in the morning (Mother’s Day starring Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, etc) just before they served breakfast. It was a sumptuous meal of croissant with jam/butter, omelette, potatoes, carrots, yogurt, coffee and juice. That omelette raised my omelette standards and the croissant was so good I got another one when the crew offered. It changed my life lol. I officially love Thai Airways. Whoever said airline meals suck?!


[Image not mine! Googled “Thai Airways Onboard Meals”] This was similar to the breakfast served during BKK to ARN flight. That was the omelette that changed my life! Haha! Also I was bothered with that bread on the table.

And so the pilot announced what I’ve been waiting to hear: prepare for landing! Yey!! There goes the cheerful music in my mind again πŸ˜€ surprisingly we arrived in Stockholm Arlanda Airport Terminal 5 at about 0930am local time. I was expecting it to be around noontime because of the delay. It was a cold cloudy day. We headed straight to immigration. I was among the last in queue and regretted my slow walk immediately because I probably spent almost an hour before I reached the immigration officer. The area was hot and crowded with various nationalities. The officer I lined up to was a nice lady, she asked the usual questions then stamped on my passport. I have officially entered Europe! Welcome to me!

I went on to get my large luggage and got a little lost finding my way to Arlanda Express. I pre-booked my roundtrip tickets for this. Arlanda Express is the fastest way between the airport and Stockholm Central Station, the train ride lasts about 20 minutes. My boyfriend was already waiting for me at the Central Station. Good thing because I struggled with my large luggage πŸ˜€ His apartment is just walking distance from the station. I first withdrew some SEK (Swedish Kronas) from a blue Bankomat ATM (it doesn’t have Maestro or Cirrus logo but Rean said they were able to get cash from there so meh) because I failed to find the ATMs in the airport. I was greeted by the cold weather as soon as we stepped outside.

I initially planned to roam around Stockholm in the afternoon. However, jetlag beat me. You know that feeling after swimming, when you feel like your body is still in the water? It was like that (for me), except that I feel like I’m still on the plane. Also, I was a little dizzy and overly sleepy, because I never got proper sleep during the flight. So I just called it a day and decided to go the following day instead.

Yay. Stockholm. Zzz


Thank you Thai Airways! See you in 15 days!

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